USED Hardt Inferno Chicken Rotisserie FOR01550

Sale price$9,950 CAD

Product Features
  • Grease Capture System – No water in the pan means that virtually all of the grease being produced is captured. This eliminates the need for separate grease treatment/capture systems.
  • Revenue Generation From Grease – Yellow grease from cooked poultry is a marketable commodity and more grease captured means more revenue potential.
  • Energy Efficient – Patented Black Body technology consumes up to 60% less energy compared to other gas rotisseries of its capacity while producing superior cooking results.
  • Integrated AutoClean System – One-touch self-cleaning system has an integrated door locking feature to make end-of-day cleaning a safe and incredibly easy task.
  • Effective Impulse Sales Generator – Tall, dancing flames and the sight of product roasting through a large glass door will entice customers as never before. The patented BlackBody technology ensures even cooking and beautifully coloured product.
  • Reliable and User-Friendly – Years of field experience and advanced R&D capabilities make Hardt’s equipment among the most reliable and easy to use on the market.
Product Specs
  • WxDxH: 52''x44''x72''
  • Capacity: 40 Birds
  • Gas Inlet Size: 3/4''
  • Total BTU Natural Gas: 65,500-70,500BTU/Hr
  • Total BTU Propane: 68,500 - 73,500 BTU/Hr
  • Spec Sheet

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