USED 70'' Proofer and Donut Centre FOR01323

Sale price$4,750 CAD

Product Features
  • Unitary design “everything in one”
  • Easy access controls, Stainless steel fryer kettle with drainboard and top, heated frosting wells for easy dipping of fried items, removable glazing sink, positive air flow proofer, and separate heat & humidity controls.
  • Stainless Steel fryer kettle w/drainboard and top
  • Heated frosting wells for easy dipping of fried items
  • Removable glazing sink for easy cleaning
  • positive airflow proofer provides even air distribution and separate Heat and Humidity controls
  • Manual fill proofer locking casters for easy moving and cleaning

Product Specs
  • Power: 120v/ 60Hz/ 3PH
  • WxDxH: 70" x 33.5" x 36"
  • Weight: 500 lbs.
  • Fryer Capacity: 75 dozen/hr
  • Fryer Screens: 18" x 26"
  • Current: L1-40A, L2-46A, L3-36A
  • Model: DC-6SF2E
  • Serial Number: 05-1337

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