Unox Bakerlux Convection Oven XAFT-03HS-LGDN


Sale price$2,595 CAD

Product Features
  • Bi-directional fan(s) guarantee perfect air and heat distribution within the baking chamber for uniform results at every point throughout every tray
  • Humid air is expelled from the baking chamber to help the internal structure of the product form properly, creating a texture that remains perfect for hours
  • Best-in-class convection efficiency: 60°C to 260°C (140°F to 500°F) in 5 minutes. Low-e glass lining and high-performance insulation ensure reduced energy consumption.
Product Specs
  • Power: 120v/ 60Hz/ 12Amps/ 1440Watts
  • WxDxH: 23.6''x28.3''x16.7''
  • Shelf Clearence: 3''
  • Chamber WxDxH: 19.5''x13.7''x10.2''
  • Chamber Capacity: 1.6 cuFt
  • Weight: 79.5lbs
  • Capacity: 3 shelves (13" x 18")
  • Temperature Range : 0 – 260°C / 32 – 500°F
  • Spec Sheet

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