Spiral Dough Mixer with 175L Capacity, CM-175L


Sale price$31,500 CAD

Product Features
  • The spiral dough mixer with a sliding bowl
  • Individual selection of the speed of mixing the dough, eliminating overheating of the dough
  • Optimal mixing process à Guarantees good airing of the dough and its high quality
  • Possibility of preparing all types of cakes: wheat, wheat-rye, choice, and confectionery
  • Even mixing of all ingredients of the dough, even with a small amount of it, not exceeding 5% of the bowl's volume
  • Possibility of obtaining the effect of accelerated dough development due to intensive mixing in a higher gear with the use of less yeast
  • Universal application
  • Work cycle programming
  • Laser dough temperature measurement
  • Automatic closure of the bowl
  • Very quiet operation
  • Smooth adjustment of the mixer rotation
Product Specs
  • Power: 7kW
  • WxDxH: 39.3''x 57.4''x 50.1''
  • Height with Head Raised: 78.7''
  • Amount of Dough Max/Min.: 120kg/5kg
  • Mixture Turnover: 100-200RPM
  • Range of Activity Inverter: 60-250RPM
  • Bowl Capacity: 175L
  • Spec Sheet

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