CHEF Spice Grinder 3,000Gr Capacity, HC-3000Y


Sale price$995 CAD

Product Features
  • This machine is a continuous feed operation, the appearance of luxury, structural precision, low noise, easy operation, and no dust, grinding, especially suitable for supermarkets and shopping malls counters, grain processing shop.
  • It changes the ordinary milling machine has a rough appearance, big noise, powder of coarse, difficult to clean up, the motor power deficiencies, reached the GMP hygiene requirements of food processing.
Product Specs
  • Power: 110v/60Hz/ 1500Watts 
  • WxDxH: 19"x8.5"x13.3"
  • Grinding Capacity: 20-40 kg/h
  • Rotation Speed:1440 r/min
  • Fineness: 50-200mesh
  • Weight: 35kg

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