Potis 3 Burner Electric Shawarma/Doner Machine E-3

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Potis 3 Burner Electric Shawarma/Doner Machine E-3

  • This vertical broiler is built for quality and tough commercial use.
  • This unit features FOUR independently-controlled heating elements for precision cooking and performance.
  • POTIS ELECTRIC 3 BURNER SHAWARMA/DONER MACHINE  is the perfect solution for creating that delicious gyro, shawarma, tacos el pastor, and doner kebabs for your customers. It is the ideal equipment for any fast food or Mediterranean-style restaurant.
  • This broiler is easy to clean and disassemble.
  • Stainless steel
  • FOR tough commercial use
  • 3 independently-controlled heating elements
Charging space w/o octangular grease pan (WxD) 17.7" x 19.6"
Device height w/ motor 44"
Appliance connection N 120/208V 60HZ 3PH 25A
Appliance connection S
120/208V 60HZ 3PH 25A
Reflector surfaces (ceramic bricks) 6
Reflector surfaces 6
Max. weight of meat 110lbs
Max. height of meat 27.5"
Charging space w/ octangular grease pan (WxD) 19.6" x 25.5"
Series Standard
Power 7,8 / 9,0 kW
Silver Chef