Ikon Double Deck Electric Convection Oven IECO-2


Sale price$7,697 CAD

Product Features
  • The Ikon IECO-2 is a double-decker electric convection oven.
  • The front, sides, and top exterior of this oven are constructed of stainless steel.
  • Each deck contains three high power heating elements, 3.3kW each. This unit is available as 1 or 3 phase.
  • The fan motor is two-speed, and with a 1/2 HP fan the rotations can range from 1140 - 1725 rpm. The fan also has a forced 'cool down' fan mode.
  • The unit includes a stacking kit.
  • The interior is constructed of porcelain enamel and each deck has two halogen interior lights.
  • Ten heavy duty nickel-plated racks come with this appliance, and the deck interiors each have eleven possible rack positions.
  • The temperature range is 150° - 500° Fahrenheit (66° - 260° Celsius).
  • The oven is ignited electronically, has an dial-type thermostat, and also an electronic timer with alarm buzzer.
Product Specs
  • Power: 208-240V/ 10kW
  • WxDxH: 38.1" x 44.4" x 65.6"
  • Rack Clearance: 28''x21''
  • Interior WxDxH: 29" x 22.5" x 19.4"
  • Weight: 1022lbs
  • Spec Sheet

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