Hobart MG-1532-132 - 7.5 Hp Double Wall Mixer Grinder

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Hobart MG1532-132 7.5 hp Double Wall Mixer Grinder

  • Prime Miser Grinder, 150 lb. capacity, double-wall hopper  construction, 7.5 Hp grind motor, 1 Hp mix motor, stainless steel cylinder & adjusting ring, tin-plated auger & mix arm, convenient front-mounted controls, pneumatic footswitch, 4” diameter casters (2 fixed, 2 swivels), 8’ Cord & Plug, meat deflector, drain pan
  • 1-year WARRANTY‐STANDARD Standard warranty ‐ 1 Year limited warranty (contact Hobart FEG Canada for details)
  • MG1532‐16 208/60/3 Voltage Specification, Canada Configuration
  • GENERAL: The MG1532 has a 7.5 H.P. grind motor, 1H.P. mix motor, and an 8-foot length cord and plug power connection.
  • Casters, air-driven foot switch, drain pan, and splash shield are standard.
  • Available voltages are 208/60/3 and 480/60/3.
  • ELECTRICAL CONTROLS: Electrical controls consist of front-mounted water-resistant switches, magnetic contactors, dual-motor overload protection, and footswitch operation capability.
  • An electrical interlock switch is provided. Whenever the hopper lid is opened, the power to the motors is shut off. The hopper lid must be in its proper operating position before the motors can be started.
  • CAPACITY: The MG1532 Mixer-Grinder hopper has a meat capacity of up to 150 pounds depending on the type of product.
  • The grinding rate is 35-40 pounds of fresh boneless meat per minute through a 18" plate. The MG1532 is for fresh or frozen meat tempered to 26°F. or higher and can be in flake or stick form.
  • GRINDING END: The mixer-grinder is equipped with a “Wedge cylinder” grinding end. This grinding end is sized for #32 knives and plates (not included but optionally available).
  • STAY-SHARP KNIFE & PLATES: The Hobart Stay-Sharp knife & plates are made from alloy steel that holds its edge longer than standard carbon steel. Stay-Sharp plates also can be resharpened many more times than regular plates.
  • These two features allow a substantial lifetime cost benefit with the Hobart Stay- Sharp plates.