Hobart High Temp Door Type Dishwasher W/ Built-In Booster, 480V/3Ph Am15Vlt-4

HobartSKU: AM15VLT-4

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HOBART High Temp Door Type Dishwasher w/ Built-In Booster, 480v/3ph AM15VLT-4

Product features

The Hobart AM15VLT-4 high-temp door-type dishwasher has a tall chamber with a 27-inch door opening that can easily fit 18-inch-by-26-inch sheet pans or a 60-quart mixing bowl. By using 0.74 gallons per cycle, dishes are sanitized by high-temperature water. You can choose from 1-, 2-, 4-, and 6-minute wash cycles, depending on how dirty your dishes are. For the best cleaning results, your water hardness should be around 3 grains.

This unit comes with solid state controls that have digital status indicators to inform you of important information, like when cycles have ended and when the unit needs maintenance. An audible alarm goes off at the end of each cycle. A microcomputer is built into the machine and sits in a stainless steel enclosure for protection; this equipment starts the pumps that turn on the wash and rinse cycles.

Product specs
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L: 34''




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