F.Dick Red Spirit Chef Knife Red 8.5"

F.DickSKU: 8174721

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F.Dick Red Spirit Chef Knife Red 8.5" 8174721

Product Description
  • The Red Spirit series is designed for uncompromising sharpness.
  • The blades are ground extremely slim and the cutting edge is polished.
  • The round-shaped, Asian-style handle of the knife offers an extraordinary haptic.
  • Chef's knife - The classic knife is the heart of every professional kitchen.
  • For chopping herbs, cutting vegetables, or gutting and carving meat and fish.
Product Features
  • High-alloyed, stainless steel for long edge retention
  • High balance, perfect weight distribution
  • Nonslip handle made of high-quality plastics
  • Laser-tested cutting edge geometry with polished cut
  • Practice-oriented and shapely blades
  • Symmetrical form for comfortable and harmonious guidance 

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