F.Dick Rapid Action Steel Set

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F.Dick Rapid Action Steel Set

  • Simply draw the blade through the stainless steel rods.
  • Reduces the risk of injuries with the same quality results.
  • The Rapid Steel Action set is the best guided honing tool on the market.
  • This device simplifies the honing process to remove burrs and realign knife edges, without requiring the technical knowledge that can make honing a burdensome process.
  • This is designed to be used in lieu of a honing rod for regular edge maintenance.

To Use:

  • Hold the device with your less-dominant hand, by placing your thumb through the support hole and tucking your fingers into the vertical rib along the back side of the unit.
  • Hold the knife with your dominant hand and guide the blade through the center slot of the device from handle to tip.
  • Repeat this action several times while applying light pressure.