Eurodib Manual 14'' Blade Meat Slicer ANNIVERSIO350


Sale price$10,995 CAD

Product Features
  • Your business takes pride in serving customers high-quality meats and cheeses, but also serving them an experience that keeps them coming back - so choose this Sirman Anniversario 350 14" manual flywheel slicer for your bistro, market, or deli!
  • This slicer features a classic Italian design with a bright red finish, rounded edges, polished metal highlights, and a patented system that keeps mechanical parts out of sight while the slicer is moving.
  • This high visual appeal turns slicing into a performance and engages customers who want the feel and 1-on-1 attention that a small shop can provide over big supermarkets.
  • The manual flywheel operation adds to the appeal of preparing each order, the carriage moving for a cut with each turn.
Product Specs
  • WxDxH: 31''x36''x29''
  • Weight: 159lbs
  • Blade Size: 14''
  • Slice Cheese: Can Slice Cheese
  • Spec Sheet

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