Yufka-Phyllo Dough Roller Sm-60 No Speed Control

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Yufka-Phyllo Dough Roller SM-60 NO SPEED CONTROL

  • It is used at thin dough spare roll out,  homemade ravioli, macaroni,
  • and other dough roll out applications. Thinness and thickness can be
  • made roller settings so that the dough can be used to open in the
  • desired diameter. With fast and easy to use minimum 6, maximum
  • 8 seconds can be done on the dough. 
  • Renewed the more useful and space-saving design provides
  • New construction with on maximum dough facilities
  • Fully stainless body and other machine elements pursuant to food norms
  • Its maintenance and cleaning is easy
  • Feature of operating on set thanks to its dimensions
  • Save from time with rapid and efficient operation
  • Minimum thickness of 0.25 mm
W x D x H :  22.2in x 31.9in x 21.2in
Obtained Dough Diameter 26 - 60 cm
Dough Weight 100 - 2000 gr
Model  SM-60
Net Weight 68 kg


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