Yufka-Phyllo Dough Roller No Speed Control SM-60


Sale price$5,500 CAD

Product Features
  • Ideal for phyllo applications, Horizontal Dough Rolling Machines can also be used for rolling large sized pizza doughs.
  • They come with fully stainless body, two or three roller options, and speed control for rolling different types of dough.
  • Known for their silent, vibration-free operation and low energy consumption,
  • Horizontal Dough Rolling Machines are easy to install, operate and clean.
  • Fully stainless body and other machine elements pursuant to food norms,
  • Our machine does not require qualified staff due to easy of use.
  • Its maintenance and cleaning is easy
  • Voiceless and non-vibrating operation.
  • Save from time with rapid and efficient operation.
  • Feature of adjusting the dough thickness and diameter.
    Low Energy Consumption
Product Specs
  • WxDxH: 22.2''x31.9''x21.2''
  • Weight: 149.9lbs
  • Dough Weight: 100-2000gr.
  • Roller Lenght and Diameter: 2 x (60 cm/24inc - Ø 6,6cm)
  • Production Per Hour: 450/600
  • Roller Range: 0-2mm
  • Spec Sheet

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