Planetary Dough Mixer 20 Qt - B20

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Planetary dough mixer 20 quarts. It will handle most of the cake, pastry, Souse, and any type of liquid product. This mixer not designed for the heavy load of dough mixing. Can be used for light-duty dough mix, up to 7Lb of dough for the thickness of pizza dough. Perfect for liquid mix, pastry purpose lighter dough or souse mixing.

Its a gear driving mixer with 3 attachment and stainless steel bowl. 

  • Power:115V/60hz/ 1100watt
  • Mixing Bowl Material: Stainless Steel
  • Mixing Bowl Capacity: 20L (for liquid product)
  • Dough capacity 7LB maximum
  • Model Number: B30B 
  • Mixing speed: 105/180/408rpm 
  • Weight: 165Lb
  • Max. Kneading Capacity: 3.5 kg