Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine DZ-400/2SA


Sale price$5,495 CAD

Product Features
  • The products after packing can be prevented from oxidation, going mould, insects or getting damp, thus can be kept fresh for long storage. 
  • The machine is deep in chamber size, which facilitates packing big products. The sealing assemblies lie like L, so users can choose either long or short side for bag sealing. 
  • Transparent organic glass lid enables users to well monitor the whole work process.
  •  The vacuum chamber could be added with inclined stainless steel platen for products with liquid. 
  • The vacuum chamber could be added with PP insert plate for products with different heights to improve the vacuum efficiency. 
  • It could be equipped with dust filter for the products similar to powder.
Product Specs
  • Power: 110v/ 60Hz - 220v/ 50Hz/ 0.9kW
  • WxDxH: 40''x25''x40''
  • Weight: 285lbs
  • Heat Sealing Power: 0.6kW
  • Ultimate Vacuum: 0.1Pa(mba)
  • Pump Capacity: 20m3/hr
  • Sealing Length: 11.5''
  • Sealing Width: 0.3''
  • Vacuum Chamber Depth: 1.57''

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