Commercial Heavy Duty Bowl Cutter 12 Liter Capacity, FC-12V2

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Sale price$1,750 CAD Regular price$2,250 CAD

Product Features
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Transparent lid with an opening to add ingredients during operation
  • Scraper accessory ensures a perfect result
  • Two speed control and pulse function
  • The machine is designed and produced according to international standards for safety and hygiene
  • 28.1/30.2kg

Product Specs
  • Power: 220V-240V (115V~ 60Hz) / 50/60Hz/ 2200W
  • WxDxH: 19.4''x17.9''x31.1''
  • Model: FC-12V2
  • LO.:1500RPM
  • HI.:2200RPM
  • Capacity: 12L

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