Berkel 13" Heritage Prosciutto Meat Slicer 330M-STD

BerkelSKU: 330M - STD

Sale price$10,840 CAD

Product Features
  • Perfect for slicing pieces of delicious prosciutto, signature meats, and cheeses right before your customers' eyes, this slicer pairs a precision knife with a low-resistance flywheel, classic design, and warm red color.
  • It's ideal for specialty shops and delis, or any establishment looking for an authentic machine to provide tissue-thin slices of meats as well as an addition to the aesthetics of your business.
  • This model has a precision 13" diameter hollow ground chromium-plated carbon steel knife.
  • It is designed to be incredibly sharp to ensure the tissue thin slices that you expect from a prosciutto slicer.
Product Specs
  • WxDxH: 33.5''x26.5''x25''
  • Max. Product WxH: 11''x7.2''
  • Blade Size: 13''
  • Slice Size: 3/16''
  • Slices Cheese: Can Slice Cheese
  • Spec Sheet

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