Axis Dual Tank Gas Pasta Cooker - 100,000 BTU AX-GPC-2


Sale price$7,995 CAD

Product Features
  • Expand your offering of fresh pasta dishes with this Axis AX-GPC-2 dual-tank gas pasta cooker! This unit is great for cooking individual portions of fresh pasta to order, preparing dry pasta, or even rethermalizing meals that you prepared ahead of time. It is a reliable, highly efficient choice for many different uses in your commercial kitchen!
  • This unit is made of durable, heavy-duty stainless steel that can stand up to frequent use. It features two one-pieces, deep-drawn inner tanks that are easy to clean and maintain. Plus, each tank is made of special type 316 stainless steel that even resists corrosion from salt water - a necessity for cooking many types of pasta. With dual tanks, this unit offers double the capacity of a single-tank model for higher output. It also allows you to cook different types of foods separately to prevent the transfer of flavors or allergens.
  • This model's piezo ignition system easily lights the burners. Since this pasta cooker uses high-efficiency burner technology, it shortens cooking times by concentrating heat at the rear of the tanks and creating a convective flow of water. Not only does this ensure even temperatures, but it also eliminates the need for stirring. Plus, the safety shutoff prevents accidents.
Product Specs
  • Total BTU: 100,000 BTU/Hr
  • WxDxH: 31.5''x37.3''x37.3''
  • Weight: 286lbs
  • Water Capacity: 21.1 Gallons
  • Water Inlet Size: 1/2 Inches
  • Gas Inlet Size: 1/2 Inches
  • Spec Sheet

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