Atmovac Premium Chamber Vacuum Machine CHINOOK 20


Sale price$6,495 CAD

Product Features
  • CHINOOK Vacuum Packaging Machines will adapt to whatever you throw at them!
  • Programmable interface for a varied use that offers you the most sizing options.
  • All units are manufactured in the Netherlands, equipped with Busch pumps, a self-maintenance program, and are NSF & ETL certified.
  • Seal time
  • Soft air
  • Sensor control*
  • Liquid control** (optional)
  • Gas flush (optional)
  • Sensor Control: Vacuum process will end when the preset percentage has been reached.
  • Liquid Control: Prevents liquids from boiling during the vacuum process.
  • When the boiling point is detected, the vacuum process stops and the bag is sealed with no loss of moisture.
  • Product, pump and vacuum chamber are equally protected.
Product Specs
  • Power: 110v/ 17Amps/ 1760Watts
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Seal Bar: 20″
  • Chamber Size: 14.2″L x 24.5″W x 7″H
  • Pump Speed: 21 m³h
  • Machine Cycle: 15-35 sec
  • Busch Pump: Powerful, reliable and maintenance friendly

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