Eurodib Lm20T Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer 8 Kg Kneading Capacity

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Eurodib LM20T 8 Kg Kneading Capacity Commercial Spiral Mixer

  • These 1-speed spiral mixers are perfect for bakeries, pizza, or pastry shops.
  • They are often used for mixing a variety of dough products: from very stiff dough with low hydration to a high hydration dough such as ciabatta bread and pizza dough.
  • The built-in timer allows you to program and set appropriate mixing times for various products.
  • Built-in safety features include an emergency stop and bowl guard switch.
  • This machine has been designed for commercial applications.
  • This type of mixer can handle various types of dough as well: pie dough, mixing scones, and biscuits.
  • Mixing Speed: 185 (r/min)
  • Bowl Speed: 15 (r/min)
  • Max Kneading Capacity: 8 Kg (17.5 lbs)
  • Timer Included
  • Amperage: 10
  • Volts: 110
  • Watts: 1100
  • Origin: China
  • Warranty: 1-year Parts & Labor (Spiral Mixer), 3 months (Timer)
  • Product dimensions (W x H x L) : 15 x 30 x 27.5

  • Net Weight: 154 lbs





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