Electric Proofer 32-Tray XF-32A6

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Stainless Steel Dough Fermenting Proofer 32-Tray XF-32A6

  • This proofer is made by stainless steel, heating the weather by electric thermal, and then produce much steam in the chamber.
  • Humidity in the chamber can reach 80%~85%, control temperature between 35°C (95°F) to 40°C (104°F), which is suitable for fermenting.
  • Add dry heating tube and a heating plate, keeping temperatures, and optimizes fermenting effect.
  • Hot air convection in the chamber, evenly temperature inside, precision control temperature and humidity.
  • Humanization door, easy open and close, luxury visible glass door, the fermenting process under your eyes.
  • Big capacity, multi-player, long beautiful handle gives you the best feeling every time you open and close it.

Note: The product does not include the trays!!

Brand name CHEF
Model XF - 32A6
Power 2.8 KW
Voltage 115v
Frequency 60 Hz
Temperature ~ 60°C  (140°F)
Humidity ~ 95 %
Proofer Capacity 32 Trays
W x D x H 39.8'' x 27.6'' x 75.5''
Warranty 1 year
TRAY SIZE 16" x 22"