XLT Pizza Conveyor Oven 3280 H-Series

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XLT Pizza Conveyor Oven 3280 H-Series

  • Can be single, double, and triple stacked.
  • Perfect for medium to high volume kitchen operators aiming for a consistent, quality bake at a fast pace.
  • Provides an overall better-quality bake
  • XLT oven is engineered to the highest quality standards
  • Ventilation system to enhance efficiency and kitchen environment for selected oven models
  • Burner designed with minimal components to prevent frequent failures and repair complications
  • Easy access to components to avoid complicated repair and maintenance
  • Easy access to oven interior for effortless cleaning
  • Pre-piped fire suppression plumbing is available to reduce the cost of installation, for the better ergonomics, and for the easier cleaning
  • Optional Pre-piped fire suppression plumbing installed by XLT has one nozzle per side per oven (ANSUL approved) for you to access oven interior for cleaning or remove crumb tray easier
  • Etched inner and outer fingers for you to identify the correct finger arrangement for your bake
  • Magnetic sandwich door for you to open and close easier
  • No tools needed to remove the sandwich door for easy cleaning or quick replacement
  • Sediment trap installed to prevent sediment in the gas piping from getting into the gas valve or burner area of equipment and fouling things up
  • Patented split-belt conversion kit available for your menu versatility
  • Bi-directional conveyor belt to match your kitchen footprint and for your efficiency
  • Cleaning tools available for safer and quicker cleaning

Conveyor Width

32in (813mm)
Bake Chamber Length
80in (2032mm)
Weight Per Deck
1347 lbs (611 kg)
Heating Values

BTU per Hour: 235,000

Electrical Requirements

  • 120 VAC, 8.5 Amps, 50/60 Hz