Spiral Dough Mixer 120Qrt., Used FOR01812

Sale price$8,500 CAD

Product Features
  • Constructed with a heavy-duty stainless steel bowl, safety guard, and spiral agitator
  • Powerful dual-motor design, one to drive spiral arm, one to drive bowl.
  • An absolute must for any pizzeria, pastry shop, or bakery, this 120 qt. heavy-duty spiral dough mixer is sure to increase your business's productivity!
  • Capable of holding and kneading up to 120 qt. of dough at a time, this unit is ideal for large-scale operations that are looking to expedite their dough production.
Product Specs
  • Power: 220v/ 60Hz
  • WxDxH: 30''x54''x53''
  • Model: 8256

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