USED Newco Dual Commercial Coffee Machine FOR01672

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Product Features
  • The Dual Commercial Barista is ideal for very busy locations serving high volume accounts with different brewing profiles.
  • This digital automatic brewer extracts the best flavor from coffee grounds by providing complete control of the vital brewing parameters:
  • Preinfusion, pulse brewing, water contact time, water temperature and water volume.
  • Brews into 2 gallon coffee servers.
  • Water volume is adjustable through the digital display from 30 ounces to 3 gallons.
  • Easily adjustable water temperature from the touch pad on the front of the machine. Water temperature may
    range from 170 degrees and 210 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Hot water faucet for allied products.
  • “Brew 1” and “Brew 2” selectors provide a choice of two adjustable flavor profiles or portion sizes.
  • Digital display counts down the minutes and seconds remaining until the basket has finished draining. Visa-
  • Brew time may be adjusted.
  • Master “on/off” switch.
  • Pre-infusion wets the coffee grounds to de-gas fresh roasted coffee in the basket so that the grounds may
    be evenly saturated during the brew cycle.
  • Pulse brewing for ultimate flavor extraction.
  • Water filtering light indicates that fresh water is being drawn through the filtration system into the tank.
  • Filter monitor indicates when the water filter is ready to be changed.
  • Audible signal sounds after the filter basket has finished draining.
  • Coffee monitor light indicating the freshness of the last brewed beverage.
  • Cycle counter shows the number of brew cycles.
  • Power conservation saves energy while machine is idle.
Product Specs
  • Power: 120-240V
  • Plumbing: 1/4″ Flare Water Line; 20-90 psi Water Line with minimum flow rate of 1.5 GPM
  • WxDxH: 22''x22''x33.4'' 
  • Model: CBD-2.0

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