Tor Rey Tem-200-Ai-Plus 74In Stainless Steel Curved Glass Refrigerated Case With Casters

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Tor Rey TEM-200-AI-Plus 74in Stainless Steel Curved Glass Refrigerated Case with Casters

Product Features

The Torrey 74in. TEM-200-AI-Plus deli case in Stainless Steel finish is ideal for many applications.  Whether it be supermarkets, bakeries, fast food, deli’s, or restaurants.  This case will ensure your products are presented to your customers with the highest quality. Helping you to move products faster and more efficiently.  Each refrigerated deli merchandiser comes standard with a curved double-pane panoramic front glass provides the perfect display for your products.  That not only showcases your product but also reduces heat transfer into the inside of the refrigerated deli merchandiser. The double-pane curved tempered glass prevents condensation to appear inside the deli case.  Torrey added larger side glass this year. This allows anyone standing by the case to clearly see what is inside it.


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Some of the product features include

  • Double Tempered Curved Front Glass
  • 2 Adjustable shelves giving you 3 exhibition levels
  • Stainless Steel bottom for easy clean-up
  • Front access to the condenser for easy maintenance
  • Large double tempered side glass windows
  • 2 Sliding rear glass doors entry to load products. Doors can lift off to allow easy loading of the interior of case.
  • Automatic defrost cycle built into the programming of the temp. controller
  • Wide stainless steel top. Providing sufficient workable space to place a small Torrey scale or slicer.
  • A extra 2 plug/110v outlet in the rear. Allowing you to get power to extra items you might have on the case.
  • Stainless Steel Exterior
  • Adjustable Digital Temperature Control
  • Double Pane Panoramic Front Glass
  • 2 Adjustable Stainless Steel Shelves
  • Low Energy Interior LED Lighting
  • Electronic Digital Controller
  • Automatic Defrost Cycle
  • Casters Included

Product Specs


Stainless Steel


14 cubic feet




1/4 HP


Forced Ventilation


Natural Convection




46.2" X 56.6" X 34.5"