Taylor Frozen Carbonated Machine Four Flavor 349


Sale price$1 CAD

Product Features

  • Dispense a light, fluffy, high overrun slush product in a pressurized system. Optional non-pressurized system produces a wetter, lower overrun slush. Programmable defrost cycles allow the operator to select the time and frequency for defrosting each freezing cylinder independently.
  • The defrost light flashes to warn customers not to draw product from the side that is being defrosted.
  • At the end of the defrost cycle, the freezer automatically returns the product to serving viscosity.
Product Specs
  • Power: 208-230v/60Hz/1PH
  • WxDxH: 31.3''x40.3''x56.9''
  • Floor Clearence (Water Cooled): 6.3''
  • Floor Clearence (Air Cooled): 2.8''
  • Weight: 765lbs
  • Capacity: 67.8 Cu.Ft.
  • Freezing Cylinder: 4 - 7Qt.(6.6L)
  • Spec Sheet

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