Sureshot AC6-E5 Commercial Sugar Sweetener Dispenser FOR01468

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Sureshot AC6-E5 Commercial Sugar Sweetener Dispenser FOR01468

  • One of the keys to a great cup of coffee is sugar. But for restaurant and drive-thru coffee programs, sugar can be a.
  • Approved Products to Dispense: Sugar.
  • You’ll appreciate dramatic cost savings and an improved speed of.
  • This is a countertop cream or milk dispenser.
  • It's perfect for a self-serve location, a buffet, café, or it can also work in a full-service location.
  • A proven refrigeration system ensures consistent product quality, optimal shelf-life, and sanitation
  • A user-friendly, multi-functional user interface enables accurate dispensing of precise amounts of cream and milk for any menu item or cup size.
  • Provides dramatic cost savings, eliminating waste and overuse associated with free-pouring liquids.


  • WxDxH: 8" x 7" x 23"
  • POWER: 120v/2amps/60hz/1ph
  • WEIGHT: 15lbs
  • MODEL: AC6-E5
  • SERIAL: 29034407
  • SKU: FOR01468