Static Cooling Combination Island Freezer - VENUS 185 (END)

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Static Cooling combination Island Freezer - VENUS 185 (END)

  • Commercial island freezers are typically seen in supermarkets and large convenience stores.
  • These freezers are the perfect solution for displaying large amounts of frozen produce whilst still allowing your customers to easily browse all goods on offer. 
  • Can be placed in the store as single pieces or as whole islands.
  • Warmed frame to avoid lids blockade
  • R290 environment-friendly refrigerant
  • LOW-E sliding glass lid with anti-fog film, providing superior visibility
  • Static cooling system, low input power and energy-saving
  • Elitech digital thermostat;
  • Plug-in model requiring no extra installation
  • Copper pipe evaporator and condenser
  • Non-refrigerated Rack: Optional
  • Dimension WDH: 73"x34"x33"
  • Temperature Range: -16 to -22 C.
  • Ambient Temperature: 25 C
  • Power: 220-240v, 50-60hz, 1 ph
  • Weight: 250lb
  • Loading Qty: 35 pcs