Holman Tbh14 Single Conveyor Toaster - Used-Sku:For00369

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Used and in great condition tested by Sinco. It comes with 30 days warranty. Please see below for product info.

Product Features

Adjustable-belt speed control, Two position switch for buns or toast, Up to 1400 bun halves per hour, Patented forced convection and inexpensive to operate, Adjustable top and bottom heat controls, Safe load up and unload areas, Heated holding area, Cooler to the touch exterior, Quartz infrared heaters, Energy efficient power saver switch

Product Specs

Conveyor width 14'',

product clearance of 3'', 18 5/8'' high, 18 3/4'' wide, 22 1/2'' deep,




SERIAL: 41584007