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Tor Rey FS-500/1000

  • Ideal for factories, warehouses, hardware stores, supermarkets, and other bulk sales areas, the Tor Rey FS-500/1000 1000 lb. digital receiving scale is the accurate, reliable, and fast solution for all of your weighing needs!
  • With the largest LCD display screen on the market, you can easily read the weight output of products in either pounds or kilograms, ensuring fast checkouts and inventory updates.
  • Save money with the scale's pinpoint accuracy, no longer having to worry about shipping or receiving the wrong amount of product.
  • The 19" x 21" weighing platform allows you to easily weigh a large variety of materials, including boxes, bags, trays, pallets, and bulk packages.
  • It also features a tare function which allows for bulk packaged products to be weighed individually.
  • Additionally, this receiving scale is equipped with a 100 hour, rechargeable battery, a handlebar, and 2 heavy-duty back wheels that provide effortless mobility and unmatched versatility for when you need to transport the scale to another area of your business.
  • Bring efficiency, modernity, and practicality to your business with this scale to create a thriving and profitable operation.