Round Plastic Rattan Basket with Display Shelf HBR-3057

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Round Plastic Rattan Basket with Display Shelf

This Round 9 Basket Display is the perfect way to show off up to nine different products on one fixture. Fill with a variety of candy and toys for the kids, tasty and healthy fruits and vegetables, soaps and loofah's plus more. Place small hardware items in the baskets for easy organization. Use this basket display in a produce department for small fruits and vegetables. No matter where it is placed, the beautiful woven baskets will add an element of classic beauty and gain a little extra attention towards your materials. Cross-merchandise and get creative when you add your merchandise to this stylish retail floor fixture.
  • Perfect for retail display, this 9 basket stand features an adaptable design.
  • The rustic basket stand can be set at a height 40”.
  • Try this basket stand in your store to add a charming yet functional retail display that customers will enjoy interacting with.

Product Name

Rattan   Basket






57.7 lbs


pp iron shelf



Quantity   Per Carton


Carton   Size

35"x 24.8" x19.2"/ 24"x 20" x10.2"

Carton   Weight

60 lbs