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USED  Merrychef Eikon e3 High-Speed Commercial Microwave Oven


Merrychef Eikon3 Oven - A single appliance that allows you to quickly move from baking off delicate croissants at high quality level, quickly heating up sandwiches, or cooking a meal, through to batches of breakfast items. Allows you to serve hot food on demand at any time of the day, 5x faster than other cooking methods, making it ideal for cafes, bars, bakeries and convenience stores with the added benefit that the easyTouch® icon-driven touchscreen ensures high quality, repeatable results, even for untrained staff.

Used and in great condition tested by Sinco. It comes with 30 days warranty. See below for product info.

MODEL:Eikon e3

Product Specs

WDH: 231/2"x21"x213/4"

Weight: 137.8 lb  

Power: 208V/240V, 60Hz, 2Ph, 24Amp

Max. Supply Power: 4.70 kW

Output Microwave Power: 1000W

Output Convected Power: 3000W