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Used and in great condition tested by Sinco. It comes with 30 days warranty. Please see below for product info.

Product Specs 

W x D x H : 30.5 inch x 25.5 inch x 54 inch




7.5 HP

The 4346 is a compact self-feeding grinder which will

mix and grind only, and is ideal for producing sausage

products as well as ground beef.

  • The Model 4346 Mixer/Grinder hopper has meat capacity

of up to 215 pounds for first grind, depending on type of product.

  • It has a grinding rate of 55 to 60 pounds of fresh boneless beef

per minute,first or second cutting through a 1⁄8" plate 60 to 65

pounds of pork per minute,first cut through a 3⁄4" plate and 55 to 60

pounds of pork per minute second cut, (after 3⁄4" breaker plate)

through a 3⁄16" plate.

  • Frozen meat must be tempered to 24°F or

higher, and can be in flake or 11⁄4" x 11⁄4" stick form.