HOBART HR-7 H Chicken Rotisserie With Bottom Warmer - Used-SKU: FOR00081

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Used and in great condition tested by Sinco. It comes with 30 days warranty. Please see below for product info.

HOBART HR-7 H Chicken Rotisserie With Bottom Warmer - Used

■ Easy to Use Programmable Controls 

■ 4 Stage Cooking
■ NAFEM Protocol Controls
■ Large Curved, Tempered Glass Door
■ Double Pane Glass
■ Modular Construction
■ Single or Individual Connections
■ Removable Rotors, Spits and Drip Trays
■ Convection and Radiant Heat — Plus Self Basting Action
■ Stainless Steel Interior
■ Stainless Steel Exterior
208-240 / 1PH/ 40AMP

THIS IS A USED CHICKEN ROTISSERIE. This Product has been tested


Product Specs

CAPACITY: HR7E: 35 chickens.




Units are standard with 111/16" legs. Stacked units are mounted
on nylon casters.
Top-mounted fans draw air from the bottom of oven cavity over the
top mounted heating elements. Infrared heating lamps brown
product evenly on all sides.
Spit motor rotates at 2 RPM.
Stacked units can be wired independently or can be wired with
single point connection using the stacking kit accessory.

CONSTRUCTION: Outer shell is stainless steel. 1" Rockwool
insulation is applied to top and sides. Doors mounted on both
front and back feature large, full-sized tempered double pane
glass for high visual impact. Each door swings open 180°.