Hobart High Temp Door Type Dishwasher W/ Built-In Booster, 208 240V/1Ph Am15-6

HobartSKU: AM15-6

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HOBART High Temp Door Type Dishwasher w/ Built-In Booster, 208 240v/1ph AM15-6

Product features 

  • Comes with booster for high temperature sanitization, but is convertible to chemical sanitization
  • Four timed wash cycle options
  • Can wash up to 58 racks per hour
  • Automatic fill feature keeps dishwasher ready to start
  • Closing the door starts the wash cycle for easy operation
  • Opening door interrupts wash cycle, which restarts automatically when door closes to ensure all dishes go through the entire wash cycle
  • 2 HP motor provides plenty of washing power
  • Uses .74-gal for each wash cycle
  • Digital status indicator makes tracking wash cycle and diagnostic needs simple
  • Stainless steel pump is self-draining to prevent foul odors from dirty water
  • Upper and lower rinse and wash arms are easily removable and interchangeable, for simple reassembling after cleaning
  • Built-in vent fan control keeps area well ventilated
  • Scrap screen and basket system keep food waste out of wash water
  • Delime cycle makes keeping dishwasher free of hard water build-up simple
  • Convertible to work straight-through or in corner operations
  • 208-240 V/60 Hz/1-ph, 43 A
  • Overall Dimensions: 27-in. W x 28 1/2-in. D x 66 1/2-in. H
Product specs
specs sheet & manual

specs sheet 


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