Henny Penny Chicken Rotisserie Electric Used FOR01928

Sale price$3,000 CAD

Product Features
  • Cross-flow convection plus radiant heat for perfect rotisserie chicken, ribs, fish, casseroles—even pastries—in less time than other rotisseries.
  • Drive assembly, drip trays, and drain pans disassemble easily for quick cleanup Countertop models are stackable Henny Penny rotisserie spit stands make loading and unloading Henny Penny rotisserie easy and efficient.
  • Simply place loaded spits or baskets on the rotisserie stand and take them where you need to go.
Product Specs
  • Power: 208v/ 60Hz/ 3PH/ 22.8Amps
  • WxDxH: 32.25"x26.50"x33.25"
  • Weight: 381 lbs
  • Model: SCR-6
  • Serial Number: CA0511028

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