26'' EFI Single Glass Door Display Cooler 14.1 Cu.Ft., C1-25GD


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26'' EFI  Single Glass Door Display Cooler 14.1 Cu.Ft., C1-25GD

Product Features
  • The EFI C1-25GD is a glass door refrigerator that is perfect for front-of-house merchandising of your goods.
  • This fridge comes with an evaporator fan motor that will stop whenever the door is opened, which will end up conserving your energy (and money).
  • Another feature of this cooler is that it has a removable gasket, so if you ever need to replace the door, or if you want to give the unit a good cleaning, this will make those processes much easier.
  • Shelves can be set-up to hold standard full-size hotel pans
  • The bottom-mounted cooling unit is easy to remove and clean
  • Outstanding temperature preservation reduces energy consumption via foamed-in polyurethane cell insulation
  • Auto evaporation of defrosting water
  • Round corner design for inner bottom shelf to facilitate easy cleaning
  • Cold air circulation via fan for temperature balance
  • Refrigeration unit holds 33°F to 41°F (-0°C to 5°C)

Product Specs
  • Power: 115v/ 60Hz/ 1PH/ 2.88Amps
  • WxDxH: 25.5''x22.8''x79.3''
  • Weight: 227lbs
  • Capacity: 14.1 Cu Ft.
  • Number of Shelves: 4
  • Spec Sheet

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