Alaska-Line 6ft Ice Cream Display

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Alaska-Line 6ft Ice cream display 

Specialized counter for ice cream sales.

 Holding up to 12 ice cream tubs at a time, the unit is perfect for ice cream shops, candy stores, dessert bars, and cafeterias. The frozen storage space beneath the display even provides a convenient place for holding up to 4 tubs of back-up flavors, making it a convenient unit for businesses with limited space

    • Fits with plug-in
    • Dynamic cooling  
    • Uplift and holding of front glass with the help of gas-lift syste

Soft-serve ice-cream
  •  Self Contained
  • 208-240v 60hz 1ph/plug in
  • Heat exchanger
  • Defrosting the evaporator with hot gas
  • Dome for overhead lights; LED lighting for the display area has a neutral white hue (4000-4500К)
  • Frontal and side fenders - double-glazed windows
  • Working board is made of stainless steel /AISI 430/ with a textured surface
  • Parts of the display unit are made of stainless steel /AISI 430/
  • dimensions:73.8"x47.2"x50.3"
  • dynamic refrigeration system
  • temperature: -22c/-18c
  • tempered glass
  • stainless steel interior: AISI 430