Alaska-Line 10ft Multideck Freezer Remote HIT-109-2

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Alaska-Line Low-Temperature Multideck Freezer

  • Low-temperature multideck cabinet with energy-efficient doors for packaged frozen foods.
  • Great for convenience stores, groceries, and other retail settings, the Low-Temperature glass door merchandiser freezer makes displaying and holding products a breeze. Easily accessible through doors.
  • Connects to the remote refrigeration system
  • Dynamic cooling
  • Inner enclosure LED lighting
  • Energy-efficient fans
  • Frozen products
  • Tubular electric heating element for evaporator defrosting
  • Swing doors with a glazing unit
  • Dome for overhead lights of the display areaLED lighting of the display area is a cold white hue (color temperatures of 5000-6000K
  • Temperature diapason: -22…-18
  • Dynamic refrigeration system
  • Energy-efficient fan motors
  • The heat exchanger is suitable for Freon
  • The upper front is made of aluminum profile with a polymeric coating (color from RAL base set
  • The lower front is made of galvanized steel with a polymeric coating (color from RAL base set)
  • Dimensions: 35.5"x123"x82.7"
  • 220v 60hz 1ph
  • Louisiana MV 090 LT D 210-DLM