Omcan Cheese Grater For Hard Cheese With 4 Hp Motor

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This heavy-duty model allows for easy grating of hard cheese and stale bread. Comes with a long lasting stainless steel roller and is equipped with a microswitch. Self-cooled motor for high performance and continuous use. Shipped on Pallet.

• Heavy duty machine.
• Large bright finished aluminum grating mouth.
• Stainless steel drum.
• High efficiency ventilated motors for continuous operation.
• Large plexiglass receiving tray.
• Brake motor.
• Safety microswitches on lever and receiving tray

Product Specs

POWER: 4 HP / 2.98 kW
MOUTH DIMENSION: 6.25” x 11.75”
DIMENSIONS (DWH): 29.52” x 25.20” x 25.20”
WEIGHT: 143 lbs.