Celcold Cf50Sg 50" Ice Cream Cabinet

Product Code: CF50SG

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Versatile For Ice Cream And Frozen Food Products

Maintain the quality of your ice cream and frozen foods in these reliable freezer merchandisers. Choose from a selection of models which offer sliding glass lids, and solid lids.

With mobility casters, these units can be moved effortlessly, allowing you to maximize sales in any retail environment. These are excellent units for use as ice cream dipping cabinets.

Creating high visibility for frozen food products is critical in merchandising. Celcold freezer merchandisers make selling your ice cream and frozen foods easy and profitable. Celcold’s reliable refrigeration system keeps your product properly frozen to ensure quality!

Product Specs

  • These attractive freezer merchandisers offer you a choice of:
  1. sliding glass lids.
  2. sliding solid lids.
    1. Special impregnated thermal glass provides:
      1. high visibility.
      2. better insulation.
      3. resists scratches.
      4. easy cleaning.
    2. Interior cabinet made of stucco aluminum is:
      1. attractive and bright.
      2. durable and non-staining.
      3. chip and crack resistant.
      4. easy to clean.
    3. Mobility casters allow you to move the cabinet effortlessly, whenever, wherever you want.
    4. Model No: CF50SG
      Height: 36 1/4"
      Width: 49 7/16"
      Depth: 25 3/16"