USED BUNN Coffee Machine FOR01223

Sale price$300 CAD

Product Features
  • You never want to run out of coffee during the busy morning rush when facing caffeine-deprived customers! With this coffee brewer, you're sure to always have coffee on hand, thanks to the efficient brewing and twin design this unit boasts.
  • Not only does this unit produce copious amounts of coffee, but it's easy to use! 
Product Specs 
  • Power: 120v/ 60Hz/ 15.4Amps/ 1850Watts
  • WxDxH: 9''x18.5''x18''
  • Brewer Type: Bulk Dispenser
  • Coffe Filter WxDxH: 9.2''x4.2''x4.5''
  • Output: 5.3 Gallons per Hour
  • Water Source: Direct Connection
  • Model: CTWF-20-TS
  • Serial Number: CDB066947Q

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