USED Bizerba 13/16" Vertical Feed Manual Fresh Meat Slicer FOR01758

Sale price$2,750 CAD

Product Features
  • This unit provides 1/2 hp, 266 RPM, and a razor sharp 13 13/16" hard alloy blade so that you can quickly slice up your own meats for the perfect signature sandwiches, pizzas, and appetizers.
  • Chromium-coated with 60-62 Rockwell hardness at the edge, this blade is the hardest, thinnest, largest, and straightest blade in the industry.
  • Plus, with Emotion technology, this slicer uses 50% less energy and features low-noise operation and little to no heating of the depositing area.
  • This manually-operated slicer ensures constant monitoring and gives you precise control over the slicing process.
  • Easily adjust the slice thickness between 0" and 15/16" with complete control depending on your needs with the convenient control knob.
  • To keep your workspace clean, a debris deflector and reliable drain help move unwanted liquids and scraps away from the product while the optimally sealed, one-piece carriage construction allows for the highest hygiene standards in your kitchen.
  • The simple controls make this unit extremely user-friendly so even your newest hire won't have trouble using it!
  • For added safety, the carriage and gauge plate have built-in safety locking systems to prevent accidental injury.
  • Its comfortable and quiet operation makes this slicer the ideal choice for use at the counter or in back of house.
  • This unit requires 120V for use.
Product Specs
  • Power: 120v/ 1PH/ 1/2HP
  • WxDxH: 33.9“ x 30.3“ x 18.9“
  • RPM: 266RPM
  • Weight: 105lbs
  • Serial Number: 10690133
  • Model: VS 12 F-1
  • Spec Sheet

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