Baxter OV310G Gas Rotating Rack Oven, Natural Gas

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Baxter OV310G Gas Rotating Rack Oven, Natural Gas

  • With a capacity of eight pans, the Baxter OV310G  rotating rack oven supplements kitchens that produce moderate quantities of bread or other baked goods.
  • To ensure products are cooked consistently on all sides, the rack rotates. This interior rack is removable for prompt cleaning.
  • The Baxter OV310G rack oven is made of stainless steel—this metal resists corrosion even when it contacts moisture created by the oven's self-contained steam system.
  • By bathing products with steam, the oven enables users to create evenly cooked food.
  • To oversee products while they're cooking without opening the doors, the unit's doors have glass panels.
  • 8-pan capacity
  • Removable interior rack
  • Digital controls can be programmed to reduce labor requirements
  • Independent doors have windows for product visibility
  • A self-contained steam system is great for creating bread
  • Stainless steel construction offers corrosion resistance
  • 95,000 BTU
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