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Brute Bakery Oven 3 Deck-Used

Used and in great condition tested by Sinco. It comes with 30 days warranty. Please see below for product info.

Brute "Bake-off" Pizza / Proofer Oven Model #BB-546 / BOP - 6L 7200 Watts 120/208 Volts Phase 3 Filiwire - 4   

Ideal for high-volume restaurants, offering the same durability and performance as deck ovens with the lower maintenance of an electrical system. The independently controlled, U-shaped heating elements on top and bottom allow for uniform temperatures and perfectly balanced baking. These ovens come in three decks that allows you to cook multi-deck at the same time.   Also, bottom proofer allows you to have proof your product at the same time. 

Product Specs

Model: BOP – 6L



Phase: 3

Amps: 98

Size: 55″ x 36″, H-77″