Vacuum Sealer Dz-400/2E

Product Code: DZ-400/2E

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  • Single chamber, printing function
  • Nitrogen filling function optional
  • Much deeper sealing chamber, up to 200MM
  • Adjustable sealing temperature, from low, middle to high
  • Stainless steel body, durable and easy to clean
  • Digital control system, precisely control the process 
  • Equipped with scram button, can be stopped immedistely in case of emergency
  • The industrial vacuum pump has an excellent suction volume of 20m³ / h - thus the shortest possible packaging times are guaranteed
  • The vacuum process starts automatically after closing the cover - the control panel does not have to be touched
  • Suitable for food, meat, medicines and other sensitive goods to be protected by sealing
  • Perfect for home or commercial use


Motor Power:1000W
Sealing Power:500W
Chamber Dimensions:420*435*200MM/16.5*17.1*7.9 INCH
Sealing Length:400MM/15.7INCH
Sealing Width:10MM/0.4INCH
Vacuum Pump Rate:20m³/H
Material of Vacuum Chamber:Stainless steel
Item Dimensions:540*490*950MM/21.2*19.3*37.4INCH
Item Weight:110KG/242.5LBS