Alaska-Line Multideck Freezer With Energy-Efficient Doors

Product Code: HIT-200

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Alaska-Line Multideck Freezer with energy-efficient doors 

Low-temperature multideck cabinet with energy-efficient doors for packaged frozen foods.

 Featuring a modern design, this Alaska-Line merchandiser is an attractive, convenient way to display your deli, bakery, coffee shop, and market merchandise.  Interior can be add LED lighting to illuminate products and to create an attractive display that can lead to increased impulse sales. 

  • Connects to the remote refrigeration system or fits with plug-in
  • Dynamic cooling 
  • Inner enclosure LED lighting 
  • Energy-efficient fans
  • Hinged doors
  • different sizes are available
Frozen products
  • Dynamic refrigeration system
  • Temperature range: -22…-18
  • Thawing the evaporator with hot gas
  • Heat exchanger is suitable for Freon
  • Intelligent control of temperatures and defrosting conditions (controller)
  • Dome for overhead lights of the display area 
  • LED lighting of the display area is a neutral white (colour temperatures of 4000-4500K)
  • The unit is mounted on a sliding panel
  • Protective rail is stainless steel tube in one row (the tube has a square cross-section)
  • dimensions:92.2"x33.4"x82.6"