Alaska-Line Heated Display

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Alaska-Line Heated Display

Keep hot food fresh, moist, and delicious for hours with the Alaska-Line heated display case. Its attractive exterior matches the profile of many refrigerated display cases too, meaning you can create a customized serving area at your cafeteria, buffet, or deli.

This full service, straight front glass heated display case features hot air heat system, which provides a gentle, radiant heat source. The result is no cold or hot spots, and no air movement to dry out your food.

Specialized counter for hot dishes.


  • Temperature maintenance with hot air
  • Stainless steel working area and inner bath
  • Pushing front panel with glass
  • NOTE: This unit comes with different sizes and styles, please contact us with your project inquiry. All equipment can be supplied in the same style. Power, specs and sizes can be supplied on customer requirement.
Hot dishes

Different sizes are available

Glass front can be lifted for easy cleaning, while sliding door track has "easy sweep" crumb removal