Alaska-Line Hot 8ft Display Showcase

Product Code: HIT-182-2

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Alaska-Line 8ft Hot Display Showcase 

Specialized counter for temperature maintenance of grilled foods.

 Entice customers and present your hot foods efficiently with this Alaska-Line hot food holding and display cabinet. Great for your pizzeria, convenience store or concession stand, this model offers and attractive option for holding pizza, hot dogs, onion rings and other hot foods at a safe and consistent temperature

  • Neutral module for sales of grilled foods.
  • Pushing front panel with glass
  • Mechanism for opening the front panel and the glass to the side
  • Heating with quartz halogen lamps
  • Parts of the display unit - stainless steel AISI 304
  • heating with halogen lamps
  • Model: HIT-182-2
  • Power Specs: 230 V/ 60hz/ 3ph 
  • Temperature range: +30…+60
  • Heat Surface: Stainless Steel
  • Top Surface: Tempered Glass
  • Dimensions: 98.4" x 49.2" x 47.2"