Alaska-Line Deli Showcase

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Alaska-Line Deli Showcase 

Product features

Upgrade your market or deli with this modern and affordable European style straight front glass deli case with lift up front glass. 

The counter with panoramic glazing without corbels and dome lamp for superb visibility of goods.


  • Connects to the remote refrigeration system
  • Goods outlay depth 960 mm
  • Dynamic cooling
  • Pushing front glass
  • Air-flow of front glass
  • Energy-efficient fans
  • Additional refrigerated box
Salami & Sausages Cheese Ready-to-serve food


Salami & Sausages Cheese Ready-to-serve food
Product specs

Different sizes are available


NOTE: This unit comes with different sizes and styles, please contact us with your project inquiry. All equipment can be supplied in the same style.  Power, specs and sizes can be supplied on customer requirement.